Kalinkavichy: prosecutor ignores application of UCP activist Dzianis Rabianok

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Dzianis Rabianok

Dzianis Rabianok

A Kalinkavichy activist of the United Civil Party Dzianis Rabianok didn't manage to find protection at Kalinkavichy District Prosecutor's Office.

Bear in mind that an Administrative Case was brought against the activist under Article 9.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses by the police. He is charged with inflicting bodily injuries to a neighbor. Mr. Rabianok, in his turn, states that it was him who fell a victim to a groundless attack – he received eye burns after his neighbor had groundlessly used gas spray against him.

Dzianis Rabianok is convinced that the attack and the administrative case against him are a planned action aimed at intimidating political activists.

In his application to the prosecutor's office the UCP activist pointed at evident law violations on the part of the local police inspector who held a check-up on his case: he didn't question any witnesses and directed Rabianok for an examination only a week after the incident. Mr. Rabianok asked the prosecutor's office to hold additional investigation and punish the neighbor who had assaulted him. However, the prosecutor refused to consider the application and advised him to apply to the police again.

"I got totally convinced that law-enforcement agencies are absent here. We have just punitive organs which work for the retention of the power instead of protecting the law. I filed a complain to the head of the police and an application to the district prosecutor, where I described everything in detail. In particular, the forensic examination was deliberately held in such a way as not to register any bodily injuries with me. Moreover, the medic of the ambulance and the medic who had examined me and had given me medical aid weren't questioned. The police also consciously ignored the testimonies of two people who confirmed my innocence and didn't question one of the witnesses at all, though I indicated their names and addresses. In fact, I did the work the police were to have done. However, I am sure they weren't going to do it, as they were set the task to hold the lynching, implement an unlawful order. Now they are trying to do everything possible to get me sentenced to arrest," stated the activist.