Pavel Vinahradau shown prophylactic films for nine hours at police station

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Pavel Vinahradau

Pavel Vinahradau

At about 7 a.m. on 9 May the leader of "Zmena" (the youth wing of the civil campaign "Tell The Truth") Pavel Vinahradau was taken to the police station out of his apartment. He was released from the police department only on 4.45 p.m.

Pavel Vinahradau said that at the police he had been shown prophylactic films about the harm of drinking and about the need to be attentive while driving. He says he was released at the time when "Young Front" activist Uladzimir Yaromenak was released from jail. It's worth noting that Pavel Vinahradau organized the public meeting of Mr. Yaromenak at the entrance of the delinquents' isolation center in Akrestsin Street.

To disrupt the meeting, the police also drove Uladzimir Yaromenak 40 kilometers away from Minsk and left him on the road. They also blocked his cellular phone by entering the wrong PIN-code thrice. Nevertheless, Yaromenak's friends brought him back to Akrestsin Street and the meeting took place.