Siarhei Verameyenka gets fined for distributing printed matter without imprint

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On 7 May the trial of Siarhei Verameyenka, an activist of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party, took place in Leninski District Court of Hrodna.

The activist was found guilty of distributing printed editions without imprint and fined 2 million rubles. Bear in mind that Mr. Verameyenka had been detained by people in mufti on 12 March near the office of the local Christian democrats, while carrying leaflets for an event within the framework of the "Wave of Solidarity" campaign.

The people in mufti introduced themselves as officers of Leninski District Police Department and, threatening with physical violence, forced him to come with them. As it was found out later, the name of one of them is Aliaksandr Kilikin.

At the DPD they counted the leaflets and then paid a visit to Verameyenka's house, where they held a search looking for more leaflets.