Journalist Hruzdzilovich issued with official warning

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Aleh Hruzdzilovich received an official warning, singed by the first deputy prosecutor of Minsk Ramanouski, concerning the article "Who blasted Minsk metro?"

As it is stated in the warning, the journalist "conducted an action for entering the metro station "Frunzenskaya" with metallic items in his back which reminded of the one used by the organizers of the terrorist act in Minsk metro".

On 10 April Aleh Hruzdzilovich prepared an article about the work of the police guards in the metro. The prosecutor's officer points that the journalist published at the web-site of Radio "Liberty" "a critical article, "With a large bag in the metro: they checked me once in two cases and didn't look in the bag" with a video accompaniment."

According to the warning, there was a presentation of the book "Who blasted Minsk metro?" by Aleh Hruzdzilovich "which puts to doubt the official results of the investigation into the criminal case concerning the blast in Minsk metro and the fairness of the Belarusian court system in general".

The warning also states that "in case of presentation to a foreign state, foreign or international organization of knowingly non-true data about the political, economic, social military and international situation of the Republic of Belarus and the legal situation of citizens of the Republic of Belarus which discredit the Republic of Belarus and its power organs" the journalist can be drawn to account.

"I was taken explanations concerning the episode of the journalist examination of 10 April at metro station "Frunzenskaya". However, as I found out they didn't pay much interest to it, they had already had the official warning prepared.

The procedure of taking explanations wasn't yet over when the deputy prosecutor Ramanouski entered the room and signed the official warning for me. I was presented it as soon as the printer printed my explanations and I signed them. They had no interest in my position: whether I violated anything or no. They had already decided that I had violated, I had discredited and doubted in the court system when I had written the book."

Mr. Hruzdzilovich considers such actions of the authorities as pressurization of journalists.

"These authorities don't need the people who will hold check-ups and doubt in anything. Natallia Zhukavets, who conducted the prosecutorial examination, said "You wrote a book about the blast in the metro. Why do you doubt the decisions of the investigation?" She treats my doubt as a crime. I feel the air of 1937 – as nothing stops these people. They are sure they must do as their principals told them. I am especially impressed by the phrase – "put do doubt the fairness of the Belarusian court system in general". As if I cannot doubt in it. The country where people cannot have doubts doesn't need any journalists."