Teacher persuades pupils not to take exams in Belarusian

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A conflict with school-leavers took place in secondary school #4 in Ivatsevichy. In one of the forms, more than a half of pupils chose the Belarusian language as a final exam.

However, it didn't please the teacher of the Belarusian language, who insistently advised them to change their mind and apply for taking some other exams, which roused the indignation among the pupils and the member of the Belarusian Language Society Arkadz Kurys who learned about this incident.

According to him, it's difficult to find the reasons for the teacher's deed. Maybe he doesn't like his subject or the pupils don't do in it well enough – that's why he doesn't want to reveal the poor results of his work in public.

The teacher explained his action by saying that not all of the 15 pupils who expressed the wish to take the Belarusian language knew it well enough to pass it successfully.