Anzhalika Kambalava detained and fined for picket in memory of Zakharanka

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Anzhalika Kambalava at the court entrance

Anzhalika Kambalava at the court entrance

On 7 May in Baranavichy an activist of the United Civil Party Anzhalika Kambalava was detained for holding a picket to remind the people about the missing ex-Minister of Interior, Yury Zakharanka.

The picket started at 6 p.m. near the central shopping center "Viasiolka" (Savetskaya Street, 65) and attracted the attention of passers-by. Some of them just paid interest to the portrait of Zakharanka she was holding, some others asked about his fate.

At 6.35 p.m. police officers came up, put down Anzhalika's passport data, talked with her about Zakharanka and human rights and then let her go. However, in 5 minutes they overtook her and took her to the police department. The detainee spent the night in a prison cell and then was taken to Baranavichy Court, where Judge Katsiaryna Hruda fined her 2 million rubles. According to Baranavichy civic activist Viktar Syrytsa, the trial lasted for just about 5 minutes.

Anzhalika Kambalava confirmed having organized and held the picket, but pleaded innocent. After the trial a policeman who was present at it returned the activist the portrait of Yury Zakharanka.