Former head of Sochi health resort "Belarus" has been kept in KGB remand prison for more than 4 months already

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Heorhi Sarakashysh, former head of Sochi health resort "Belarus"

Heorhi Sarakashysh, former head of Sochi health resort "Belarus"

He is charged with a large-scale theft by abuse of his office powers.

The press secretary of the Embassy of the Russian Federation Vladimir Marchukov stated that the former head of Sochi health resort "Belarus" Heorhi Sarakashys "is still kept in the remand prison. There is no news."

Heorhi Sarakashyhis an excelled worker of the health care system of the Russian Federation. He is 59 years old He worked at the health resort as the chief physician, then – as a deputy head, and finally became the head.

"On 21 December they went to Minsk for a council at the Presidential Administration". Then we learned about the arrest," told to "Nasha Niva" Heorhi's brother, Khrystafor Sarakashysh. "The building firms didn't finished their works and somebody owed money. This is a purely economical case. However, then the arrest was prolonged for two months, and now – for two months more. The people worked honestly and continued the works even in the absence of the money, knowing that Belarusians will pay them."

According to Khrystafor his brother went to Minsk together with his deputy, Aliaksandr Kizim, a Belarusian, the head of the building object in Sochi. Khrystafor also named the firms because of which the brother was arrested: "Novy Horad BKD" and "FBH Karparatsyia". They didn't finish an object on the territory of the health resort but tok the money: one of them – about 100 million Russian rubles (about $3.3 million) and the other – 50 million rubles.