Bialynichy: all appeals of families with many children are returned to Byalynichy District Executive Committee

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In the beginning of May families with many children residing in Bialynichy started getting answers from various state institutions to their collective addresses and complaints about violations of the rights of families with many children during the construction of a dwelling house. As it follows from the answers, all addresses were forwarded to Bialynichy District Executive Committee, whose actions were appealed in the addresses.

"Last week I received a number of answers to our collective addresses – to the head of the state Aliaksandr Lukashenka, the head of Mahiliou Regional Executive Committee Piatro Rudnik and the State Control Committee", says the head of the Presidium of the Building Society "Dvanattsats" ("Twelve") Piatro Shymbaliou. "All these state institutions tell that our collective addresses were forwarded to Bialynichy DEC. It confirms what I was told by Bialynichy officials ten days ago, "you can complain anywhere, your addresses will be sent to us for consideration anyway".

What's the need of speaking about social justice and the possibility to appeal activities of state officials, if collective addresses are returned to the institutions whose actions are to be examined?" wonders Mr. Shymbaliou.