Journalists Barbarych and Yarashevich appeal court verdicts

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The independent journalists informed the Belarusian Association of Journalists about filing appeals against their arrest with Minsk City Court.

In their appeals Henadz Barbarych and Aliaksandr Yarashevich point to numerous discrepancies in the testimonies of the police witnesses and the failure of the court to listen their own witnesses.

Moreover, the case against Henadz Barbarych contained Xerox copies from the police reports in Yarashevich's case, not attested in the due order, which couldn't be considered as evidence of his guilt.

Bear in mind that the independent journalists were detained in Minsk on 26 April after the end of the authorized "Chernobyl Way" rally they had covered. They were presented with administrative charges and subsequently sentenced to three days of arrest by Savetski District Court of Minsk.