Police inspector questions independent journalist about "BelSat" staff

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Independent journalist Barys Vyrvich

Independent journalist Barys Vyrvich

In the morning of 2 May an inspector of Byalynichy District Police Department, police lieutenant Alaksandr Yemyalyanau, paid a visit to the private house in the agrarian settlement of Vyalikaya Mashchanitsa. He said that the main reason for the visit was the wish to find out how the information about the "Lebyadzyanka" farm got to the satellite TV channel "BelSat" and whether the journalists who shot the report were members of "BelSat" staff.

"Inspector Alaksandr Yemyalyanau came to my private house at 9.40 a.m." says Barys Vyrvich. "He tried to find out whether I lived together with my family and issued the "Mahilyouski Vybar" newspaper. The formal reason for the visit was the statement of the officer of the "Lebyadzyanka" farm Mikhail Bialou, nephew of the former head of the farm Pyatro Byalou that he had been allegedly slandered by Valery Vusik during the visits of the independent journalists to the "Lebyadzyanka" farm on 28 February 2013. However, it remains unclear what relation I can have to this statement and this report, as far as I wasn't present during its shooting, as well as where from Mikhail Byalou's complaint suddenly appeared.

I was also surprised that the main questions which interested Alaksandr Yemyalyanau were since what time "Mahilyouski Vybar" has been issued, who shot the video at "Lebyadzyanka" and how these materials appeared at "BelSat". It is rather strange: what relation can "Mahilyouski Vybar" and my person have to the report about the stock-raising farm where I was many years ago.

In general, I have the impression that the police officer was mostly interested in the independent journalists who had shot the report and their possible cooperation with the TV channel "BelSat", as the majority of questions were asked about them. I answered most of them that simply – "I don't know". At 10.20 a.m. Alaksandr Yemyalyanau finished composing the report of questioning and left. I would also like to point that the questions he asked me while drawing the report had been prepared in advance."