Babruisk: customs officers are ready to return Niakliayeu's poems to political activist

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The leader of Babruisk branch of the United Civil Party Viktar Buzinayeu received a notice from the customs officers due to the "completion of the customs examination". Bear in mind that on 29 March the Buzinayeus' car was detained on the border and several brochures and a book of Uladzimir Niakliayeu's poems were found in it.

The customs officers considered the book suspicious and left it for an examination. Later Mr. Buzinayeu received an official notice that the brochure would be examined for "information which is prohibited for import to the territory of the Customs Union".

As it was stated in the last year from Homel customs, signed by the deputy head A. Bandarenka, Viktar Buzinayeu or his proxy are invited with documents to take the brochures back, inform the customs office about other ways to return them or refuse from them.

"I still haven't understood whether they had found something suspicious in Niakliayeu's poems or not. I would also like the customs officers to get me the beloved poems, as I have no wish to travel as much as 300 kilometers for getting them! Moreover, it's a pity we lost four hours at the border crossing point," commented Viktar Buzinayeu on the letter from Homel customs office.