Kalinkavichy UCP activist accused of starting fight

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Dzianis Rabianok

Dzianis Rabianok

Dzianis Rabianok, activists of the United Civil Party of the town of Kalinkavichy, is facing charges under Article 9.1 of the Administrative Code, “intentional infliction of bodily injury, not entailing short-term loss of health.” Now the activist faces a fine of 10 to 30 basic units (1-3 mln rubles) or an administrative arrest.

However, Dzianis Rabianok argues that it is him who was the victims.

“I have a neighbor, a businessman, who has repeatedly provoked me because he is an ardent supporter of the government, and I am an opposition activist. I repeatedly took part in monitoring the elections and in opposition rallies. On that day, 13 April, I was cleaning around the house, and then the neighbor came up and began to swear at me; he insulted me, saying that persons like me, from the opposition, should be killed. I know his character and I did not react, I removed the waste and went home. And then he threw himself at me and sprayed pepper gas into my eyes. The witness was my mother, she immediately called the police and an ambulance,” said the activist.

According to him, the hospital doctors diagnosed him with a burned eye. However, the police sent the victim for a medical examination only a week later. But it was even greater surprise for Dzianis when he learned that it was him not his neighbor who faced charges for allegedly beating the latter. “I filed a complaint with the police chief, where I wrote about the irregularities in the police report: neither the witnesses nor the doctor who took me to the hospital were questioned; I suffered and I'm to blame," he added. He believes that in this way the local police authorities cover the supporters of the regime and revenge the opposition activists.

Meanwhile, the police report has already reached court.