Andrei Haidukou’s case may reach court soon

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The suspect in the “spying” case Andrei Haidukou has been studying the case file, his mother Volha told to the website

“The investigation is at an end, because Andrei is reading the case file. That’s all I know. He writes letters, asking to subscribe him to the newspaper “Narodnaya Volya”, which I did,” said Andrei Haidukou’s mother.

She says on May 8 his custody may once again be extended for another month.

“It is not known if the investigation will be over by May 8, because there are a lot of holidays ahead. Therefore, it is unclear whether they will continue to hold him custody or not. I should say that my son is doing well, and even encourages us,” added Volha Haidukova.

According to official information, Andrei Haidukou was detained “when making a dead drop with information of interest to foreign intelligence services.” This accusation is widely considered as meaningless. The civil campaign “European Belarus” issued a statement stating that the activist was detained for distributing the newspaper “Charter 97.” Human rights defenders link Haidukou‘s harassment to his opposition views and attempts to intimidate the young activists.