Family of executed Uladzislau Kavaliou petition authorities to unveil burial site

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Uladzislau Kavaliou

Uladzislau Kavaliou

The mother and sister of Uladzislau Kavaliou, executed on charges of committing a terrorist act in Minsk metro in April 2011, have addressed President Lukashenka with a petition to unveil his burial site. Similar appeals were sent to the Interior Ministry and the Committee for State Security (KGB).

In their petition, the ladies refer to the decision of the UN Human Rights Committee, which recognized the violation of Uladzislau Kavaliou’s right to life and urged the Belarusian authorities to unveil the site of his burial, deeming the concealment of the information as cruel treatment of his family.

According to human rights defender Raman Kisliak, common sense suggests that there are no reasons to hide the burial place of Kavaliou and thus treat the relatives of the executed persons in such an inhumane way.