Belpartizan website hacked

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The Belarusian independent website was hacked on the morning April 25. The homepage demonstrated an address from anonymous hackers who claimed to be adherents of the Anonymous group.

Anonymous is a subculture and movement advocating the idea of anonymity and freedom online. It opposes censorship and surveillance on the net. Expressing protests, the group has cracked different websites of governments and security organizations. The symbol of the group is Guy Fawkes’ mask.

The anonymous letter on Belpartizan accuses the website of “pouring tons of dirt on the truthful Belarusian people” and of attempts to “destroy institutions of power like in Iraq or Libya” and contains warnings: “We could have [ruined] you, and Charter, and Viasna, and many others long time ago, but we give you a possibility to exist under our control. Why didn’t we do it? We are just interested WHO, FROM WHERE and WHAT is saying. Now we have a list of talkers, and we warn you one last time: talk, write, but don’t overdo, there is no need to pour dirt and insult PERSONALITY. The most zealous traitors of the Belarusian nation, we will publish them on the website Wiki Leaks, press and undress literally and metaphorically. And we will also publish all logins, IPs and mails of the cheekiest commentators who went beyond the borders of decency.”


Charter’97 alleges that these are hackers “in shoulder straps” that stand behind the anonymous letter. The Charter’ 97 reminds that two days ago the website was exposed to a DDoS attack for an hour. The technical analysis of the botnets showed that more than 60% of IPs were from Ukraine and 30% from Belarus.

Charter’ 97 remarked that hacker activity has intensified since March 20: there were registered the first attempts to crack the website or to block the website as contaminated with viruses.

Also Charter ’97 reports lower attendance lately, which may be attributed to blocking from Belarus.

As one of the authors of Belaruspartizan Pavel Sheremet told Euroradio, they had been warned about the attack being prepared, but did not manage to react in time.