Fourth Refusal to Re-Register the Magazine Arche

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The letter signed by the Deputy Minister Uladzimir Matusevich says that the editorial office failed to inidcate in its application the information about reassignment of Valery Bulhakau to the position of the editor-in-chief. We remind that during the whole half-a-year probe into Arche financial activities Valery Bulhakau was abroad, and the duties of the chief editor were performed by deputy editor Ales Pashkevich. 

Recently mother of Valery Bulhakau received an official letter confirming that there would not be any criminal prosecution in resepect of the magazine or its editor-in-chief.

The magazine ceased its relations with Belposhta catalogues, as there has not been a single new issue since last November. Now the outlet is trying to rearrange publishing. It is important that the fresh issue come out within a year after the last issue was published, that is by next November. The editorial office don't give in and are preparing the next application for re-registration.