Court officers threaten Anatol Labedzka

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They may make an inventory and confiscate the property of the leader of the United Civic Party.

Anatol Labedzka received a note from the court of Minsk’s Central District that he was obliged to promptly pay the fine, imposed on him by the court of the Soviet district for distributing information materials in the topic of privatization by nomenclature. The court threatened to launch the procedure of property confiscation otherwise, the UCP’s press-service reports.

This is how Anatol Labedzka himself comments on the cituation:

I am in the regime of Ping-Pong with juridical instances. Now we are reaching the level of the Supreme Court. Before I go through the whole chain, court officers will have to gather patience. And my final goal is the UN Human Rights Committee. Of course, I do not acknowledge the guilt and in order to prove that I already went to the Tractor Plant’s control post, where together with my colleagues I distributed the “Voice of Reason” bulletin. And such addresses to people with distributing information from hands to hands will be continued! Because the authorities are most of all afraid of their opponents’ communication with people in the condititions of an economic and social crisis”.

We would remind that earlier the chairman of Minsk City Court refused to cancel the fine for distributing leaflets for Anatol Labedzka.