Alienievich sent to penal cell for 20 days

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The political prisoner wrote about that in a letter to his mother Valancina Alienievich.

“He wrote, that he was just released from a penal cell, it which he had spent 20 days. The violation for which they punished him was that he refused to clean a toilet. It is the first time that he is punished with a penal cell for this violation, it happened last summer too. Well, when they want to send him to a penal cell, they oblige him to lean a toilet. He refused – there is a reason”, - the woman reported to Radio Svaboda.

More than a month ago, Ihar Alienievich’s book “Going to Magadan” came out in Russia, in which the political prisoner told about his arrest in Moscow and months, spent in KGB’s pre-trial jail. After that there were neither phone calls, nor letters from Ihar Alienievich. On 19 April at the presentation of the book “Going to Magadan at the office of BPF party Valancina Alienievich expressed an opinion that son’s silence was caused exactly by the release of his book.

Ihar Alienievich was sentenced to eight years in prison for participating in attacks at official buildings in Minsk, including the embassy of Russia. Ihar Alienievich did not acknowledge his guilt. The political prisoner is serving the punishment term in a penal colony in Navapolatsk.