Minsk authorities wreck Boris Nemtsov's press conference

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Minsk hotels refused to lease out premises to the United Civil Party to hold a press conference with participation of Boris Nemtsov.

Charter97.org learnt it from Anatol Liabedzka, the chairman of the United Civil Party (UCP).

We have arranged to sign a cooperation agreement between the UCP and the Republican Party of Russia – People's Freedom Party (PARNAS) on April 24. The PARNAS leaders delegated Boris Nemtsov, a co-head of the party, to Minsk for this purpose. Besides, we planned to organise a wide meeting to discuss the Belarusian-Russian relations,” the politician noted.

He stressed the UCP, as an organiser of the event, contacted a number of Minsk hotels, including the hotels Victoria, Europe and Crowne Plaza.

To our deep regret, we got refusals from everywhere. The official reason was absence of free premises, but were given to understand that the hotel staff had consulted with their bosses before giving an answer. Nevertheless, we will have a meeting, sign the agreement and hold a press conference at 11:00 in the UCP headquarters and will have a discussion in the BPF headquarters at 15:30,” the UCP chairman is confident.

He added that Boris Nemtsov is considered to be a persona non grata in Belarus. He had been banned from entering Belarus.

The term of the ban has expired. There are no legal grounds not to allow him in Belarus. We know peculiarities of our state and know that everything is possible. Anyway, Nemtsov has a desire to come and he plans to be here. Lukashenka seems to be allergic to the Russian politician. It's difficult to find another explanation why Nemtsov was banned from entering Belarus for 5 years,” Anatol Liabedzka said.

Boris Nemtsov criticised the Lukashenka regime on several occasions. The Russian politician has recently joined the campaign to release Belarusian political prisoners “Freedom x 2”.