Starch plant near Pruzhany pollutes environment

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The plant, built by the Chinese technology, cannot handle wastewater treatment and air pollution issues, making huge emissions into the river, Euroradio reports.

The environmental problem is reported by the local newspaper “Rayonnyia Budni.”

“Twice a year a ditch is dug from the starch factory in the village of Kharavato to dump dark blue smelly water, then the ditch is buried,” says a resident of the village.

An investigation revealed that the company has been operating in violation of environmental regulations for three years already.

The main flaw that is incompatible with the normal activity of the plant was designed in the project. It was found out that the starch plant could not be built on the location, because groundwater is running too close to the surface, the newspaper says.

Instead of taking measures, the owner of the agricultural society “Fatherland,” who owns the plant, keeps paying fines.

Such a violation of the environmental rules is not the exception in Belarus.

This problem of Pukhavichy district has been known for years. The residents of the village of Druzhny, which is located next to the plant of “August-Bel” protest against the dangerous enterprise. A few meters from its fence they found a blue barrel with poisonous substance at the bottom.