Salihorsk activists appeal Freedom Day picket prohibition at court

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Uladzimir Shyla, civil activist from Salihorsk

Uladzimir Shyla, civil activist from Salihorsk

Salihorsk civil activist Uladzimir Shyla filed an appeal against the picket prohibition to Salihorsk District Court.

According to Salihorsk authorities, the security measures which were stated by the event organizers didn't correspond to the Law "On Mass Events".

"My request to impose these duties on the local authorities in now way contradicts to the law", objects Uladzimir Shyla. "It is the duty of the authorities to guarantee freedom of peaceful assemblies. Correspondingly, it is their duty to secure the public order during these assemblies.

In his appeal the activist refers not only to the national legislation and the Constitution, but also to provisions of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, ratified by the Republic of Belarus. He asks the court to reverse the decision of Salihorsk District Executive Committee and appoint a new date for the picket.