Political scientist Valery Karbalevich gets detained near German Embassy

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A correspondent of Radio "Liberty", political scientist Valery Karbalevich was detained while trying to get inside the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Minsk, where he had an appointment.

The police guards detained Mr. Karbalevich as he had no passport with him. German diplomats went out to see what was going on and asked for the reasons of his detention. One of the diplomats said that it was absurd and that Karbalevich was known to everyone even without documents. After this Karbalevich's phoe was disconnected.

At present police guards put down the passport data of all visitors of the embassies of the UK, US and Germany.

The head of the United Civil Party Anatol Liabedzka calls it "political dactylography" after they twice put down his passport data. He stated that the police were registering the visitors for the Belarusian security services.