Homel Regional Court invents a new way of restricting civil rights

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Siarhei Shautsou, the head of Homel Regional Court

Siarhei Shautsou, the head of Homel Regional Court

The head of Homel Regional Court, Siarhei Shautsou, invented a new way to limit the constitutional rights of citizens. He believes that such rights can be restricted due to "objective circumstances".

This information was provided to the website of Homel Spring by the head of Homel Regional organization of theBelarusian Leftist Party "Fair World" Uladzimir Siakerka.

The politician came to this conclusion after studying the answer of the regional court to the appeal of the "Fair World" branch against the refusal of the central polyclinic of Homel to conclude an agreement for serving a street event organized by the branch.

"The refusal to conclude the agreement is connected with the fact that a traditional meeting of the bordering regions of the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation and the Ukraine near Druzhba monument was scheduled for that day. Due to this event, the work of ambulance brigades was planned in case of emergency situations. That day the ambulance also worked at the solemn event on the occasion of the graduation of officers from Homel Institute of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Apart from this, the event was scheduled for the weekend when polyclinics don't work and the main load on rendering medical assistance is carried by the ambulance," wrote the head of the regional court in his response to the "Fair World" branch.

"In such circumstances, the courts rightly upheld the refusal of the city polyclinic to conclude the agreement for serving the mass events due to objective circumstances," summed up Siarhei Shautsou.

The leader of Homel leftists disagrees with the position of the chief judge of the region and states that if earlier the judges tried to find at least any judicial pretext to justify such actions, now they are shamelessly justify lawlessness.

"Every student of the juridical faculty is aware of the fact that the cases of restriction of civil rights are clearly defined in the Constitution and are not liable for arbitrary explanation. The head of the regional court pretends not to understand it, that's why our task is to put him and all judges who take part in this case, on their deserved place. We will surely deplete all internal remedies and apply to the UN Human Rigths Committee, whose decisions have no time limits. Let then these judges tell their grandchildren how they lived in the hard times when they judged depending not on the law, but on "objective circumstances"," said the leader of Homel communists.