Mahiliou KGB is getting more active

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

During the recent weeks Mahiliou KGB officers have tried to recruit several young activists of democratic organizations. The website of the Mahiliou branch of the Human Rights Center "Viasna" was hacked.

One of the coordinators of the "Flying University" ("Liatuchy Universitet") who didn't want his name mentioned was offered a job at the KGB. However, he refused and wasn't disturbed after it.

Another activist, a student of the historical department of Mahiliou State University named after Kuliashou (who also expressed the desire to remain unknown) was also offered to become a KGB informer, but didn't agree to accept the proposal.

KGB officers also appointed a meeting with a female student of the same university, but didn't come there as she told her friends and human rights defenders about it.

Moreover, an unidentified person started mailing to the E-mail addresses of Mahiliou activists of the democratic movement, journalists some articles which discredit democratic leaders. The letters were sent from an address which was similar to that of the local activist Yauhen Boika, who later publicly stated that he had no relation to this and accused Mahiliou security services of staging a provocation against him.

The last event in this chain became the hacking of the website of Mahiliou branch of the Human Rights Center "Viasna". The unknown offenders managed to change the administrator's password and publish three articles about journalist Ales Burakou and human rights defender Barys Bukhel. As a result, the administrators had to disconnect the website for some time in order to restore the damaged content.

According to journalist Burakou, the security services are getting ready to the election of 2015 in such a way.

"The situation reminds of 2010, when young activists were recruited by the KGB and some websites were created to discredit the leaders of the democratic movement. It can be considered as a sign – the election has already begun for KGB,"says the journalist.

Ales Burakou states that the attention of the security services to him and Barys Bukhel witnesses that they work in the right direction, which makes KGB nervous.