Slonim: it is prohibited to open ventilation panes and windows on Tuesday

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Slonim. Worsted knitting factory

Slonim. Worsted knitting factory

On Tuesday, 9 April, President Lukashenka intends to pay a visit to Slonim worsted spinning factory.

Brestskaya Street in Slonim is being repaired and cleaned these days and a helicopter has been flying over the city for three days already. Policemen pay visits to the apartments in Brestskaya and Skaryna streets, warning their dwellers against opening windows and ventilation panes on Tuesday and telling the owners of hunting rifles to temporary pass them to the police.

The citizens are dissatisfied with such calls. Some of them submit to the police demands, others express their dissent: "Maybe we shouldn't even go to work and take our children to kindergartens and schools on Tuesday?"