No money for beautification of Baranavichy park

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Baranavichy: Park in Kamsamolskaya Street

Baranavichy: Park in Kamsamolskaya Street

This is the answer of Brest Region Council to the letter of 150 Baranavichy citizens to the Presidential Administration.

The citizens have filed appeals to various state instances for several years already. The matter is that it is impossible to have rest in the two city parks. Neither of them is in the due order. In fact, they don't even have toilets.

The latest answer of the authorities gave the citizens some hope: they were promised that a toilet would be installed in one of the parks at the end of May. A bit later two children's sideshows were installed there.

And that was all – the authorities wrote that they had no money. "This answer is simply shocking", says the organizer of the civil campaign Ryhor Hryk, "if the people ever need anything there is always no money. But what is the money spent on then? The people do work, pay taxes and there is still no money. However, if the authorities hold state "Dazhynki" festivals or construct Hockey Palaces – the money is always at hand."

All in all, 500 citizens put their signatures under the applications for the beautification of Baranavichy parks, but the results are more than modest.