Yauhen Vaskovich: "I will bear my cross until the end"

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We learned some details about the prison conditions of a member of the Belarusian Christian Democracy, political prisoner Yauhen Vaskovich. He wrote about it in his letter to his grandmother Tamara, received by her on 29 March.

The political writes that he started receiving letters not only from close relatives. In particular, he has received many congratulations of the Freedom Day and sincerely thanks everybody for it. He has also received the parcel from the relatives whose fate was unknown.

Yauhen also explained the reasons why he refused from advocatory services. According to him, no counsel would help him in his situation and there was no use spending money on inquiries about his health as far as he was able to write about it in his letters. Yauhen also wrote that he consciously took his cross and will bear it until the end. He believes that if someone would also take his cross in struggle for a free Belarus, it will be good as well.

At present the political prisoner is reading Georgy Zhukov's memoirs. He has received a letter from the editor of "Bobruiskiy Kuryer" and intends to send his articles to the newspaper. Yauhen is in a positive mood. He sincerely congratulates all Catholics on the resurrection of Jesus Christ and is glad at the election of the new Pope who he believes is capable of raising the Catholic Church to new heights.

"That Yauhen started receiving letters is a positive sign. It inspires us to yet greater solidarity and gives us the reason to write still more letters to him. The Belarusian Christian Democracy will continue supporting political prisoners and taking all efforts for their prompt release," stated the executive secretary of the BCD Dzianis Sadouski.