Trial of Valery Vusik still not over

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Valery Vusik and Barys Bukhel

Valery Vusik and Barys Bukhel

On 2 April Aksana Zahorskaya, Judge of Bialynichy District Court, continued the consideration of an administrative case against Valery Vusik.

The court hearing started at 3 p.m. Before it, an officer of Bialynichy District Police Department held talks with the two independent journalists who had been witnesses of the events on "Lebiadzianka" farm on 28 February 2013.

The video report of the TV channel "BelSat" about the visit to "Lebiadzianka" farm by independent journalist, provided to the court by the alleged victim, Mikhail Bialou, was viewed during the hearing. Bialou's witness Safarau didn't come to the trial. According to Bialou, he works at "Lebiadzianka" administration and has gone to Russian for some personal reasons and will return only after 26 April.

Judge Aksana Zahorskaya decided to continue the trial at 11 a.m. on 8 April.

Human rights defender Barys Bukhel is surprised that the judge hasn't issued the verdict: "The testimonies of witnesses completely disprove the charges against Valery Vusik. He didn't threat anyone with physical violence and hasn't committed any other unlawful actions. The police inspector composed the violation report with violations, without questioning the eyewitnesses who confirmed the innocence of Mr. Vusik. The "BelSat" report, presented by Mikhail Bialou, again disproved all charges. To my mind, the judge could have made the necessary conclusions on the spot and issue an adequate verdict. However, she decided to postpone the delivery of the sentence, which is quite surprising," commented Mr. Bukhel.

According to the administrative report drawn up by police inspector Siarhei Karytkin, on 28 February Valery Vusik paid a visit to "Lebiadzianka" far together with a group of independent journalists, during which he "insulted tractor driver Mikhail Biakou (nephew of "Lebiadzianka" head) with foul language and didn't react to the proposals to calm down". Mr. Vusik also allegedly "waved his hands and threatened him with the use of physical violence".