Klimavichy activist demands that KGB compensate transport expenses

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Aliaksandr Balobin

Aliaksandr Balobin

On 1 April Aliaksandr Balobin, Klimavichy activist of civil campaign "Tell the Truth" filed a pretension to the head of Krychau inter-district KGB department Illia Krautsou. He demands that KGB compensate to him the expenditures for the travel from Krychau to the village of Paulavichy in Klimavichy district.

Bear in mind that some people who introduced themselves as KGB officers detained Aliaksandr Balobin at the entrance of Klimavichy district military enlistment office on 27 March. They took him to Krychau and kept him at the KGB office for three hours.

The head of Krychau inter-district KGB department Illia Krautsou held a talk with the activist and drew up a report of the questioning.

According to Mr. Balobin, after the "talk" the KGB officers didn't take him back to Klimavichy, but left him alone in a town which he didn't know quite well, and told that his friends could take him back home.

Having consulted human rights defenders, on 1 April the civil activist filed to the KGB a pretension for the compensation of the travel expenditures.

Aliaksandr says that the money spent on the travel back home weren't the only reason for writing the pretension: "Of course, this is not only about the money, the sum is not very large", said the activist, "but people must not be treated like that. One cannot seize somebody without introducing himself in broad daylight, take to another town and through him out after interrogation – return home if you will. Aren't officers of Krychau inter-region KGB Department aware of elementary principles of human ethics?"