Mikalai Autukhovich: "The new leader is among us"

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Mikalai Autukhovich. Photo by Yulia Darashkevich.

Mikalai Autukhovich. Photo by Yulia Darashkevich.

In his letter the political prisoner reflexes on the possible changes awaiting Belarus and shares his latest news.

According to Mr. Autukhovich, the society is waiting for a new political leader. "I know that there is such a man among us and hope that soon there will be changes for the better in this respect," writes the prisoner.

He also touches upon the issue of the responsibility of state officials for the things that are happening in Belarus: "The possessors of the power are able to convince people really well. There were some "convinced" ones in my case. I couldn't even imagine that some of the people I knew would lie and slander, but sometimes evil is stronger than a human will. I don't think that the people who are holdings state posts and work in the state sector are villains. On the other hand, they are responsible for what is happening in the country. Even if they are cogs in the state machine – it would be impossible to lie to the people so long without them."

Mikalai Autukhovich also wrote that he was trying to solve the issue of teeth repair. "There have been no developments so far, but the lawyer is dealing with this issue", he wrote.

As it has has become known these days, an investigator of Hrodna Region Department of State Control Committee Mikalai Alikhver, responsible for the fabrication of a criminal case against Mikalai Autukhovich and Yury Leonau in 2003-2005, moved to the US after winning a Green Card.
The case was fabricated after Mr. Autukhovich provided evidence of corruption among the state authorities of Vaukavysk district. As a result, he was imprisoned for an "economic crime".

Having served the first prison term, Mr. Autukhovich got an audience with the US Ambassador to Belarus, Caren Stewart, and asked her to find out whether the investigator had really emigrated to the US. She promised to help him, but didn't provide any information afterwards.

However, film producer Volha Nikalaichyk managed to find a photo of Alikhver with his wife in the US state Atlanta, in the Russian social network "Odnoklassniki". Alikhver's account was deleted soon after the publication of the information and the photos.

Mikalai Alikhver, former investigator of State Control Committee