Syarhey Kavalenka Arrested Again

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VITSEBSK, Belarus -- Prominent Belarusian opposition activist Syarhey Kavalenka was arrested in the eastern city of Vitsebsk on March 25.

Kavalenka's wife, Alena Kavalenka, told RFE/RL that government authorities did not give any clear details about why her husband was arrested.

Kavalenka made headlines last year for his hunger strikes over a three-month period while in prison.

In February 2012, he was given a 25-month sentence for violating the terms of his parole for a conviction on charges of "illegally displaying the banned Belarusian national flag."

Officials force-fed him before, during, and after the trial because of his hunger strike.

He was released in September.

Kavalenka said authorities forced him to ask for clemency.