Young Front activist Uladzimir Yaromenak shortly detained ahead of Freedom Day rally

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Police preventively detained former political prisoner Uladzimir Yaromenak ahead of yesterday’s Freedom Day demonstration. This was reported by the activist himself to the website.

“Unfortunately, I was unable to take part in the event dedicated to Freedom Day. I was expected to be released after three days in jail in Akrestsin Street, but yesterday I was taken to Pershamaiski district police department, where I stayed until 3 p.m. I’ve just come back home,” says the former political prisoner.

He said he was going to appeal the arrest in court.

“Certainly, the appeal will be filed, but later. Now I have a lot of other things that need to be addressed. I’ve just come home and haven’t even read the news. After the arrest, I had a health problem, but now, thankfully, I feel pretty well,” says the Young Front activist.

Former political prisoner Uladzimir Yaromenak was arrested for three days before Freedom Day. Earlier, the Court of Minsk Pershamaiski District extended by 6 months the preventive supervision of the activist.

In January 2011, Uladzimir Yaromenak was arrested as a suspect in the “rioting” case. He was sentenced to three years in jail and served his sentence in a colony near Vitsebsk. In August 2011, among other defendants in the case, he was pardoned. Since then, he has been put in jail for several times.