Artsiom Prakapenka sent to penal cell for five days

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The parents of the political prisoner visited their son in the penitentiary colony number 15 in Mahilou.

Anatol Prakapenka, the father of politically imprisoned Artsiom Prakapenka (in the photograph), told that to the web-site.

“This Wednesday we went for a meeting with our son. He said that before that he was put in a penal cell for an alleged violation of the regime. An incident happened in the colony and the administration decided to assign Artsiom guilty and punish him”, - the political prisoner’s father noted.

He emphasized that while in the penal cell his son ate nothing.

“During the five days spent in the penal cell the son did not consume their food. I will only note that he is a vegetarian and eats only porridges out of all the prison meals. It is hard for Artsiom, but he hold on. The administration suggested to write a plea for pardon to Lukashenka, but the son said that he was not going to since he had been sentenced unjustly”, - Anatol Prakapenka, concluded.

Artsiom Prakapenka was sentenced to 7-year imprisonment together with Jauhen Vaskovich and Pavel Syramalotau for an alleged attempted arson of the doors of the KGB department in Babruisk. Pavel Syramalotau was released on 27 September last year after having singed a plea for pardon to Lukashenka.