Sweden to investigate teddy bear airdrop incident

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The Swedish Prosecutor General's Office has announced it today.

Sweden is going to investigate the circumstances of the illegal crossing of the Lithuanian-Belarusian border on a Swedish plane. The pilots organized "an action is support of the freedom of speech" and dropped teddy bears with political mottoes on Belarusians cities. The plane managed to return to Lithuania.

The Belarusian authorities asked Lithuania and Sweden for legal assistance in the investigation of the criminal case started after the incident. The Lithuanian Prosecutor General's Office  announced that Swedish citizens were to blame for the incident and asked the country to help continue the investigation in January.

The Swedish Prosecutor General's Office explained the beginning of the investigation by  international agreements with Lithuania, RIA Novosti reports.

The Belarusian President sacked the head of the State Border Committee and the commander of the Air Defence after the teddy bear airdrop. The frontier guard who did not send a report about the crossing of the border up the line was imprisoned for two years.