“European Perspective” NGO denied registration again

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The Chief Department of Justice of Minsk city executive committee denied state of registration to the organizing committee of the public association “European Perspective”, referring to the applicant’s failure to specify the owner of the premises granted for legal address in the NGO’s letter of guarantee, www.belaruspartisan.org reports.

This was the second attempt to register the public association, after the NGO’s bid was dismissed over irregularities with the legal address back in 2011.

“In our second attempt, just like during the first, we were refused registration for alleged problems with the legal address. Actually, the problem was invented, so that not to register “European Perspective”. The letter of guarantee was issued by the owner of the premises, Elektronika Ltd., according to the procedures for the registration of such documents and executed in the manner the owner had designed the earlier letters of guarantee for other entities.

For us, it was obvious that the authorities are not going to register “European Perspective” and will each time come up with a new reason to deny registration. But for us it is not a problem – “EuroPerspective” will continue to operate as before. The absence of registration does not prevent us from working with the public, helping them solve problems and develop local community,” Dzianis Kobruseu, activist of “European Perspective”, told the Belarusian Partisan.