Nasta Dashkevich reports about delays in mail correspondence with her husband

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Nasta Dashkevich

Nasta Dashkevich

According to Nasta Dashkevich, wife of political prisoner and "Young Front" leader Zmitser Dashkevich, letters from Dashkevich reach other people for ten days, whereas the normal pace is just four. Mr. Dashkevich is serving a prison term in Hrodna cell-type facility.

"At present, the letters are passed to the addressee after a very long period of time. I am beginning to put down all the details – at what time I send the letters and at which post offices. I also ask Zmitser to put down the time when he passes his letters to the head of the brigade, in order to find out where the letters are detained, and then write complaints. We used to have such problems earlier. However, we managed to solve them in Zhodzina by filing complaints: they had some problems with censors and some internal problems there.

Now I have the impression that the letters are detained either in Hrodna or in Minsk, that's why we will try to track them down, discriminate in the situation and decide what to do with it. We can see where they spend most of the time by the post seals," commented Mrs. Dashkevich.

Zmitser Dashkevich was sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment within the framework of a criminal case fabricated by Belarusan security services. Zmitser and his ally Eduard Lobau were charged with beating a passer-by, Eduard Lobau was sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment.

While Zmitser was serving his first term, he was sentenced to one more year in prison for alleged insubordination to demands of the prison administration.