People send letters and postcards of support to Liubou Kavaliova

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In the middle of March there turned a year since the execution of death convicts Uladzislau Kavaliou and Dzmitry Kanavalau. These days Uladzislau's mother Liudmila Kavaliova has received many letters and postcards from the people who don't believe her son is guilty and think that the trial was unfair and the verdict to the Vitsebsk boys was groundlessly severe.

Postcards and letters keep coming from various countries. Among them, there are letters from human rights organization "Amnesty International", from ordinary Belarusians and foreign citizens. Those who writes to Uladzislau's mother and sister wish them spiritual strength and express the hope that the case of the explosion in Minsk metro will receive a fair trial in the future and, the real protractors will be punished and the innocent will be justified.

Liubou Kavaliova recollects that she saw her son for the last time on 11 March 2012. Her daughter and she were urgently summonsed to the KGB remand prison that day. The prison administration didn't agree to delay the meeting for one day and the prison workers were expressly polite with the visitors during the meeting. This is one of the reasons Liubou Kavaliova has to think that the convicts were shot dead not on 15 March, as written in the official notice, but earlier, may be even on the day of the last meeting...

Liubou Kavaliova has repeatedly addressed the Belarusian authorities, asking to be issued with the body of her son, whom she considers as groundlessly accused and punished, or to be shown the place of his burial. However, she received only formal replies with references to the norms of the Belarusian legislation which prohibited such actions.

L. Kavaliova is sure that such secrecy is plainly inhumane.

"Earlier they mocked at Uladzislau, beating him so that he would give the necessary testimonies. Now they are torturing me. I think that it is totally necessary to make them give me the son's body, and also abolish the death penalty, as it is irreversible – nothing can be changed even if some evidence of the man's innocences is found... Moreover, Uladzislau's last will remains unimplemented: he asked me to preserve the records he kept during the trial at the remand prison of the KGB. However, the yellow file where he kept these records, was sent to us empty after his execution. I don't know who hides these records and what for. They disappeared somewhere in the KGB prison, as well as the powers of attorney that were to have been signed by the administration. If it was done, I would have been able to do much more on behalf of my son, but I wasn't allowed to do it."

On 10 December 2012 Belarusian human rights defenders declared Liubou Kavaliova the human rights defender of the year for her selfless struggle for the son's good name. She was also declared "Person of the year 2012 in Vitsebsk" as a result of the voting at "People's News of Vitsebsk" website.