Dwellers of historical buildings in Brest center litigate with the local authorities

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The local authorities have the intention to evict the dwellers of the seven apartments of house 10 in Astrouski Street. The official reason is that the building is in a dangerous state and needs major repairs.

The aforementioned house is located in the center of Brest. It was constructed in 1925. It has been declared a historical value.

One of its dwellers, Aleh Vaitkou, believes that this is the fact that hinders the authorities to dismantle the building. That's why the local officials have spent seven years trying to prove that the house is in the state of emergency and its dwellers must be resettled to some smaller apartments on the city outskirts.

Meanwhile, according to an earlier report of experts the house in Astrouski Street has some defects as no major repairs have been conducted in it for the last 30 years, but it is possible to conduct them without resettling the dwellers. At the same time Brest City Executive Committee insists on the latter variant in order to be able to pass the territory of the building to some new investors.

According to the law, dwellers can be evicted from the buildings which have the status of historical value, only on their own agreements. The dwellers don't agree to be evicted from their house and decided to protect their rights by going to court.