Babruisk castle under the treat of destruction

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Babruisk civil activists launched a campaign for the protection of Babruisk castle, one of the oldest military monuments of the city.

The castle was constructed in the beginning of the 19th century. The reconstruction works were started in 2003, but were stopped then. As said by the head of Babruisk Board of Democratic Forces, it is necessary to do all necessary for making Babruisk castle the main tourist attraction of Babruisk.

"Our castle is one of the larges in Eastern Europe, and it has been ruined almost completely, not by some wars, but by citizens. Its ruination continues. A large Ice Palace has been constructed on its territory, whereas the castle was left in the same poor state. Five or seven bastions were then sold to entrepreneurs, who put glass packets in the windows and plastered the walls.

As stated by Mr. Buzinayeu, consultations with specialists on the protection of historical heritage were held on the initiative of Babruisk branch of the United Civil Party. As a result, there was prepared a letter to the Ministry of Culture. All concerned people can come to the UCP office and put their signatures under the petition for the restoration and protection of one of the oldest monuments of Babruisk.