"Alternative" activist started collecting signatures for construction of monument to Kalinouski in Minsk

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Aleh Korban

Aleh Korban

The youth alternative organization "Alternative" (registered in Latvia) started collecting signatures under the proposal to the authorities to erect a monument to Kastus Kalinouski.

The activist intend to file the collected signatures to Minsk City Executive Committee, Minsk City Council and the Ministry of Culture.

"Alternative" proposes the authorities to approve the construction of a monument to the leader of the uprising of 1863-1864 on the territory of Belarus and organize a public contest to determine the best draft. It is proposed to install the monument near the church at the crossing of Nezalezhnasts Avenue and Kalinouski Street.

Here are the arguments concerning the choice of the place for the monument, drawn by the "Alternative" leader Aleh Korban:

1. The movement for the revival of the Fatherland started not far from this place. This is where the famous "Dziady" of 1988, which became the beginning of the resurrection of Belarus, its independence from Sovetism, started from. This place is symbolic.

2. Uskhodniya (Eastern) Cemetery begin at a 100-meter distance from the place. Not only Soviet-time officials, but also the people who are the honor and conscience of the nation, Karatkevich, Karpenka, Muliavin Bykau and many others are buried there.

3. It would be logical to erect the monument to Kalinouski in the street called after him. At least, it can be situated there until the change of the political regime in the country, after which the street and the monument can be transferred to the center of the city. It is evident that the present authorities will not make any concessions, that's why it is necessary to demand the implementation of the most compromising variant.

4. This place is not on the city outskirts, it is not Malinauka, Shabany or Sukharava. The National Library is located nearby. The procession to the Kurapaty burial ground goes along Kalinouski Street on the Ancestors' Day (Hallowmas) each year.

5. The monument will meet those who will arrive in the city from Moscow direction and the national airport. Thus, Kalinouski will greet all diplomats the main part of tourists, etc. Behind the monument there is a public garden leading to the Church of All Saints, which honors the memory of all saints and innocent victims killed in our Fatherland".

"Alternative" activists invited volunteers to take part in the collection of signatures.