Investigation into Haidukou's case extended for another month

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Andrei Haidukou

Andrei Haidukou

"They have extended the investigation until 8 April. Each time the investigation is prolonged for a month. Nobody knows any details of the case," says Volha Haidukova, the mother of Navapolatsk activist charged with "high treason in the form of intelligence activities".

Volha Haidukova also said she had received a letter from her son on 11 March: "There are only usual things: that his health is alright, and what shall be passed to him. However, I am glad that at least these several lines are passed. The investigation has continued for the fifth month already, and there is still no clarity. It is even impossible to understand what Andrei is charged with: all interrogated people and the lawyer had to give a written undertaking not to disclose the secret of the investigation. And everything is a secret in this case!"

Andrei's relatives don't believe that he could engage in espionage in favor of another state, as he couldn't know any state secret. They connect the persecution on the part of the KGB with his oppositional views for which he often received warnings from "people in mufti", who advised him not to engage in politics.
Andrei Haidukou was detained on 8 November in Minsk. According to the official version, he was making a hiding with secret information during the detention. At first he was kept in Minsk remand prison of the KGB, then was transferred to Vitsebsk remand prison for a month and then – returned to Minsk. He has been kept in custody for the fifth month already.

Another Navapolatsk activist, Illia Bahdanau, has the status of a suspect in the "espionage case", but remains at large.