Administrative charges presented to former MP for interview to "BelSat"

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 11 March, police inspector Siarhei Karytkin paid a visit to a former member of Bialynichy Disrtrict Council, dweller of the village of Lebiadzianka Valery Vusik.

The reason for the visit was that Mr. Vusik was charged with committing an administrative violation during a visit of the shooting crew of the TV channel "BelSat" to the local farm "Lebiadzianka" on 28 February 2013.

"Before noon I was visited by local inspector, Siarhei Karytkin", says Valery Vusik. "He drew up another violation report against me, this time – on appeal of a tractor driver of "Lebiadzianka", Mikhail Bialou, a nephew of the farm's head, Piatro Bialou. As written by Siarhei Karytkin in the report, I "used foul language towards Mikhail Bialou" during the visit of the shooting crew of "BelSat" to "Lebiadzianka" and "didn't react to the proposals to come down", "waved hands" and "threatened with the use of physical violence". Naturally, I didn't do anything of the kind, which I wrote in the violation report. On the contrary, it was Mikhail Bialou who insulted me in different ways, called me "an old moron".

The journalist of the "BelSat" crew who witnessed the events of 28 February, says that Valery Vusik behaved correctly.

"It was Valery Vusik, who lead us to the territory of the cattle-breeding farm "Lebiadzianka" and I can state that he didn't commit any unlawful actions towards Mikhail Bialou. On the contrary, it was Mikhail Bialou who tried to hinder our work by various means. We have documented several episodes where he insults and provokes Valery Vusik. I promised Valery Vusik come to the trial as his witness if necessary," commented the journalist.

Valery Vusik, in his turn, is going to consult human rights defenders and appeal the unlawful actions of Bialynichy police.

Mahiliou human rights defender Uladzimir Krauchanka is sure that the pressurization of Valery Vusik on the part of Bialynichy police will be increased in order to show other citizens that they shouldn't engage in civil activities or oppose themselves to the authorities. Human rights defenders are going to render all necessary aid to Valery Vusik.