Political prisoner Eduard Lobau complains about malnutrition

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According to the mother of political prisoner Eduard Lobau, Maryna Lobava, the norms of feeding at Ivatsevichy penitentiary #22 are far from the commonly accepted ones.

"He has been imprisoned, not deprived of the right to receive normal feeding", revolts Maryna Lobava.

"I got a short telephone call from him. He said that everything was alright, except for the fact that he ran out of the foodstuffs I had passed him. And one cannot buy much food for 100,000 rubles one is allowed to spend on food a month, which makes me indignant. He has been imprisoned, not deprived of the right to receive normal feeding. It wasn't specified in the verdict that he is to hunger at prison.

"Young Front" activist Eduard Lobau has been sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment for alleged hooliganism. "Young Front" leader Zmitser Dashkevich was sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment within the framework of the same case. Though their guilt was not proven, and it followed from the witnesses' testimonies that they fell victims to a provocation staged by the security services, the both of them were deprived of liberty.

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