Bialynichy: entrepreneur is recommended to stop distributing independent press

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

These days the shop of Bialynichy entrepreneur Mikalai Miatselitsa has been visited by an officer of Bialynichy District Police Department.

The policeman showed no interest in any goods, but insistently recommended that entrepreneur Mikalai Miatselitsa stop doing silly things, meaning the distribution of small-circulation and democratically oriented newspapers. He stated that the entrepreneur could have trouble with his business affairs otherwise.

Mikalai Miatselitsa says that he reacted to the policeman's warning calmly: "I said that we didn't violate any Belarusian laws, the small-circulation newspapers were issued in conformity with the Law "On Mass Media" and anybody could get them in the shop without any restrictions. That's why we will continue distributing democratic editions."

The small-circulation newspapers "Rehiyon", "Pakhodnia" and "Mahiliouski Vybar" are distributed in Bialynichy at shops of several democratically-minded entrepreneurs. Mikalai Miatselitsa is the deputy head of Bialynichy district branch of the Belarusian Popular Front Party and the Movement "Belarusian Popular Front "Adradzhenne".