Zhlobin: court reverses a verdict, but refuses to issue a copy of the appropriate ruling

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Yauhen Basareuski

Yauhen Basareuski

Homel Region Court refused to issue a member of the "Fair World" Party Yauhen Basareuski with a copy of the ruling by which the verdict of Zhlobin District Court on his case was abolished.

"Several days ago I got a formal reply signed by the acting head of Homel region Court Anatol Tozik, by which I was explained that I could apply to the district court on all issues. However, I'm most interested to find how my counsel and I will be able to get ready to the second trial on the case if we don't even have the ruling of the regional court at hand? It is still more interesting how the case will be considered, if Homel Region Court has ruled that the materials of the examination of the enterprise which I used to had hasn't been studied?

Zhlobin District Court hasn't appointed the date of the reconsideration of Basareuski's case.

Bear in mind that on 7 December 2012 Zhlobin District Court had sentenced the 66-year old member of the "Fair World" to a prison term with a two-year suspension, and on 15 February the verdict was turned down by Homel Region Court.