Brest civil monitoring group struggling for monuments of history

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

As it was stated at the briefing, held by the members of the civil monitoring group Iryna Laurouskaya, Uladzislau Abramovich and Valery Faminski, the destruction of the historical heritage is conducted and the public is not informed about it.

The expert pointed at the fact that the authorities were decreasing the protection zones around the Brest castle and selling historical buildings.

The building works in the city are conducted without being put to tenders. At the same time, nobody is punished for damaging historical buildings.

According to Iryna Laurouskaya, as a result of the unlawful and authoritarian management of the city territory, there arose the danger of complete destruction of the morphology of buildings of the 19th century. Endangered is also the safety of the old town and the castle, which can be put on the UNESCO list of historical heritage.

The briefing participants decided to file a petition to the authorities demanding to stop the construction of an bridge embankment over the castle moat, whose construction in the protection zone had been started secretly as well.