Supreme Court finds nothing wrong with the building of a commercial drugstore

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The appeal to this court instance was the last hope for dwellers of house 32 in Frantsysk Skaryna Quay against the construction works in their house which they considered as unlawful.

Earlier the dwellers demanded that the authorities held an independent examination which would determine the degree of safety of the construction works held in the inter-column space of the building which was in the state of emergency and needed a reinforcement of the foundation. However, no examination was held and the district and the regional courts didn't grant their lawsuits against the construction of the drugstore which was conducted in their house without their agreement.

An initiator of the legal action, Halina Volkava, is very afflicted that the Supreme Court didn't consider it as necessary to discriminate in the case and confined itself to the complete support of the earlier court verdicts. "It is very sad that none of the courts protected our rights", says Volkava. "We hoped that the main court instance will check all the data and confirm the violations of the Belarusian legislation."

At present the house dwellers are preparing a review appeal against the court verdict and intend to continue their struggle, as they are still sure that their rights of shareholders are violated and the documents permitting the construction of the drugstore are drugstore are forged by the executive authorities.