Andrei Pachobut is threatened with imprisonment

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Journalist Andrei Pachobut

Journalist Andrei Pachobut

Andrei Pachobut was officially warned about the inadmissibility of participation in an "unauthorized event" on 11 March.

On 4 March the journalist came to Hrodna Penal Inspection where he has to register on Mondays in accordance with the verdict of July 2011.

A police officer presented him an official warning about the inadmissibility of taking part in n "unauthorized event which will be held in Hrodna on 11 March 2013" as he was "a person serving a prison term with deferment of sentence" and would be taken to prison otherwise.

"It is not far from the first warning. The police also warned me against taking part in any events on 19 December 2011, the first anniversary of the dispersal of the post-election protests. I think they are just implementing an order of higher authorities. They were unable to explain what actions will be held on 11 March what was its purpose," commented the journalist.

Bear in mind that on 5 July Andrei Pachobut was sentenced to 3 year of imprisonment with the determent of the penalty for 2 years. The court found him guilty of "defamation". On 21 June Mr. Pachobut was arrested again and a criminal case for "defamation of President" was brought against him for some articles in his blog and at the website

On 30 June Andrei Pachobut was released under a recognizance not to leave Hrodna.