Book distributor Ales Yaudakha needs help

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Ales Yaudakha is a private book distributor who used to sell Belarusian books by mail. Among them there were books by Vasil Bykau, Uladzimir Arlou, Mikola Yermalovich, Ryhor Baradulin, etc. The tax inspection and the Financial Investigations Department started haunting him after he started selling the book "Maladafrontaucy" ("Young Front" activists"). They considered his activities as unlawful business and passed the case to court.

The trial started in 2011, and in July 2012 Mr. Yaudakha was punished with a year of personal restraint without direction to an open penitentiary institution. He started serving his term on 15 October 2012. According to the court ruling, he must also pay 54,536,6000 rubles as compensation of the financial damage, and 2,726,830 rubles as the court fee.

If he fails to pay off these sums within a month, his arrested property (computer system unit, taken away during a search) – will be sold, as well as the attached items (printer, display and computer audio system). "They will also sell something else if they find anything worth selling", says Mr. Yaudakha. "If they don't get enough money (and they won't) – they will file an executive letter to my work, according to which 50% of the wage will be exacted."

If you have the wish to help Ales Yaudakha, you can write to him on the following address: