Barazenka gets warning from prosecution agency

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The independent journalist was warned “against violating the law on the media” for his cooperation with Belsat TV.

The Minsk prosecutor's office issued a warning to Alyaksandr Barazenka over an interview with businessman Alyaksandr Makayeu on December 27 near the Maskouski district court, Radio Svaboda reports.

“I was given a document reading that I allegedly violate the law on the media by working as a Belsat journalist without accreditation. I don't agree with the warning, because these provisions of the law violate my constitutional rights to collect and spread information. I had to take the warning into account, but I don't appeal against it because I know it has no sense.”

Prosecution officers asked Barazenka about his work for Belsat TV, but he refused to speak referring to article 27 of the Constitution.

Barazenka says the warning will not affect his further work:

“I am not going to change anything. I will continue to work.”